Virtual Reality, one rule for us…

Over the past few days there has been much derision, mocking and photoshopping thrown in the direction of the Time magazine cover featuring Palmer Luckey, CEO of Oculus. The photo is ridiculous, just see for yourself.

Time Cover
The concern within the gaming and tech industry is that this will destroy what has been building for VR. For the first time VR works and people feel like this affects it’s chances of mainstream appeal. I understand that, but the issue i have with this viewpoint is that online the default image when referring to Oculus or VR generally is this:

Will Smith from
That is an image of Will Smith from In fact it’s become a bit of an in joke within the tech industry to use that photo or similar. So is that the difference? Tech sites are allowed to poke a little bit of fun because we are in on the joke? We feel some ownership over VR and therefore it’s ours to laugh at because we get it and they don’t? Perhaps the thing that will affect the chances of Oculus and other VR experiences having mainstream appeal is an exclusionary attitude from those that love it the most.

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