TE029 Grows A Moustache

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Simon and Neil talk E3 and recent Tech news, like:

Bloatware bleurgh. Fresh install option win 10


Xbox one X. No Scorpio no more
6 teraflop GPU
12GB of GDDR5 memory
Isotropic filtering????
Liquid cooled vapour chamber
Smallest xbox ever $499

Back compat for OG Xbox games

All current accessories work with X


AC Origins

Metro Exodus

Minecraft cross platform plus super duper 4K graphics

The Last Night

Ori and the will of the wisp

(Super) Lucky’s Tale (none VR???)

Cuphead finally


Playstation!!!¡!!!! Pre show

Gran Tourismo Sport

Super hot VR to PS VR

Sparc. Weird tron like 1 v 1

Main show

Crash Bandicoot trilogy

Gold PS4!!!!!!! WTF

Bangra music for a looooooong time then trailer for uncharted the lost legacy. Not a nathan drake game. Looks great

Starts snowing in the auditorium. Trailer for Horizon DLC???. The Frozen Wilds

People hanging from the ceiling and convulsing at the relevant part of Days gone trailer

Zombie Bear

Shadow of the colossus remake

PS VR Skyrim

Star child. Side scrolling platformed in VR

God of War


Spiderman lots of quick time




Metroid Prime 4. Coming sometime possibly

Yosho game. Cardboard real life looking environments

Allllllll the Manga games. Obviously.

Zelda expansions

Amiibos of course

Mario + rabids

Rocket league with cross network play

Mario Odyssey. Its all about hats and possession

Other news

Pixel only sold 1 million

One Plus 5 price leak $479

Atari box

National Video Games Arcade – Nottingham

Tertill weed killer

Ios11 smart invert accessibility

Battery from trash

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