Tech Enthusicast Episode 013

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Tech Enthusicast debut’s it’s spooky Halloween Intro music

The freedom pop sim card in Simon’s new Nexus 6P

6P thoughts

Fingerprint scanner comparison with Iphone 6S Plus

Android Accessibility

One Plus X announcement

Ceramic phones?!?

Science!!!! Whats more conductive, metal or ceramic????

Memory lane Dumb Phones

Nokia NGAGE the huge phone, small by today’s standards

texting on old phones, t9 predictive

Side Talking!!!!!

Bottom Listening???? Not as catchy

NGAGE games guessing

Sega used to make consoles what what???!?!?!?

Facebook Assisstant, M

Facebook Here

Facebook login, how much does Facebook know about you?

Workflow for iOS

Candy Crush invite notifications

Facebook phone, remember that?

Myspace transition to Facebook

Facebook targeted advertising

Dumb tech story of the week: Drone shootings legitimised

Simon’s favourite tech story of the week: Apple TV release

New Intro/ Outro music

Have a happy halloween, enjoy our side talking and bottom listening pics

Neil Side Talking

Neil Side Talking

Neil Bottom Listening

Neil Bottom Listening

Simon Side Talking

Simon Side Talking

Simon Bottom Listening

Simon Bottom Listening

Simon Dual Bottom Listening

Simon Dual Bottom Listening

Wired 2015 Special parts 1 & 2

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Tech Enthusicast Episode 012

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In this weeks episode Simon and Neil talk,
Nexus 5X and 6P mobile phones,
Simon’s folly with pre orders,
Price disparity on the Nexus phones in UK,
Neil’s first impressions of the OnePlus 2,
Uses for NFC,
iPhone 6s sales numbers,
Tesla X and Elon Musk’s lack of range anxiety,
Autonomous cars,
political hurdles to autonomous cars,
POLITICS (shouldn’t talk about it),
High speed transport,
Concord coming back for the riches,
Thunderbirds are GO,
Bad maths and time zones,
Free Netflix on Virgin America,
Wifi assist on by default?!?
Amazon Fire 7″ tablet arrived,
Micro pigs,
multiple Bubbles and,
Amazon to start blocking sales of Apple TV and Chromecast.

Apologies for Neil being so quiet he’s coming down with man flu

Tech Enthusicast Episode 011

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Simon and Neil can talk about mobile phones again, so they do. This weeks Tech Enthusicast features:
Iphone 6s & 6s plus,
problems with iOS9 install,
Adblocking in iOS9,
Targeted Advertising,
What was your first podcast?,
Food, (specifically chocolate bars),
Freedom Pop,
HBO’s streaming revenue,
Pre order of Amazon Fire 7″ tablet,
Blu Ray moneybox,
Voiceover of movies and tv shows,
Tesco’s self service tills voice change,
Video game nostalgia,
What gaming platform did you get the most fun out of?,
One Plus 2 arrived,
Google announcement possibilities

Tech Enthusicast Episode 010

This week Neil and Simon are Enthusicastic about lots of things. This tenth episode (yes double digits) they talk about:
DARPA restoring touch sense
Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire Tablet
Apple TV
Facebook’s potential empathy button
Fave tech posts of the week
Simon: Ubeam wireless charging
Neil: Drone flying conviction in the UK
But definately, definately not mobile phones.
Show links: was unable to find the Robocop video online anywhere, if anybody finds it please let us know and we will add it.

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Tech Enthusicast Episode 009

An inevitably Apple focussed podcast with the now regular Oneplus update and some other bits and bobs

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Tech Enthusicast Episode 008

It’s mobile phone release time so the show is heavy with Android talk, some Apple speculation on content creation, the sci fi sounding Animotus and Microsoft’s Mobile Fusion project.

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Tech Enthusicast Episode 007

In this weeks episode your trusty hosts Neil and Simon talk Google Sunroof, the Amazon Dash button hack and much more on Tech Enthusicast.

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Tech Enthusicast Episode 006

Simon and Neil discuss Alphabet, Exo suit’s, Window’s 10 for Raspberry Pi and much more on this weeks Tech Enthusicast

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Virtual Reality, one rule for us…

Over the past few days there has been much derision, mocking and photoshopping thrown in the direction of the Time magazine cover featuring Palmer Luckey, CEO of Oculus. The photo is ridiculous, just see for yourself.

Time Cover
The concern within the gaming and tech industry is that this will destroy what has been building for VR. For the first time VR works and people feel like this affects it’s chances of mainstream appeal. I understand that, but the issue i have with this viewpoint is that online the default image when referring to Oculus or VR generally is this:

Will Smith from
That is an image of Will Smith from In fact it’s become a bit of an in joke within the tech industry to use that photo or similar. So is that the difference? Tech sites are allowed to poke a little bit of fun because we are in on the joke? We feel some ownership over VR and therefore it’s ours to laugh at because we get it and they don’t? Perhaps the thing that will affect the chances of Oculus and other VR experiences having mainstream appeal is an exclusionary attitude from those that love it the most.