Tech Enthusicast Episode 023

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Simon and Neil back for a weekly Tech discussion including:

AI algorithm beats traffic

Zipper fixes on youtube

Audio wallpaper

Ikea doing smart home/ lights

Andy Rubin Essential bezelless smartphone

Always android, all the time

S8 all the cool stuff

Note 7 refurb

Muji jeans smart phone pocket

What’s your pocket set up

Google home and wifi in uk

Surface book release in uk

Android O

Android wear 2.0 finally coming to some watches

Making a CD

When did you last buy a CD?

Always bullseye dartboard

Low background steel

Tech Enthusicast Episode 022

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Simon and Neil discuss the weeks tech news including:

Tesla kils cheapest model

Ford focus

California no driver cars

Battery cooled chips

Raspberry pi. Officially a success

Commodore 64

Old skool computers

Colourware iphone

Ultra 95

Men’s health

Qualcom 4G on feature phones

One Plus 3T colette

Super mario run for android

How much should apps cost?

In app purchases

Paying to be pretty in game

Paying to be better in game

Digital trading cards huh???

Blind bag red noses

Self levelling pool table

Somebody stole the idea for hot or not

Impossible burger

Cottage pie. Or is it shepherds pie

Tech Enthusicast Episode 021

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This week Simon and Neil Talk about

Levi’s Commuter Smart jacket

Polymers in clothing picking up on heart rate

Wearables and what’s happening with them

Back to the future. We’re getting there

The Eye iphone case

Google custom home screen


Clay trucks WTF!!!


Freedom pop phone

What amazon should have done

Parallel Spaces app

Whatsapp and how it identifies where the data goes

PUK codes and networks

Where’s Waldo/ Wally?

Snickers and other confectionery

Travel mugs

Google wavenet

Tailor made voices

Machine learning

Nuggets & happy meals

Tech Enthusicast Episode 020

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Tech Enthusicast Episode 020 is here with the first ever blooper from the TE team, plus

Nokia 6 stock android

Nokia 3310

Blackberry Key one

G5 plus now metal

NFC android phones

Novel uses for NFC in gaming

Simon building a robot

Bezels! Where did they go??? ……Wait, what happened here?!?

Nav buttons on the chin

Google assistant on all phones over 6.0

Proprietary connectors on old school phones

Lenovo windows laptop 199

Google home

PS VR million units

Where is VR going?

Snapspecs and social media

Tech Enthusicast Episode 019 – The Return

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Neil and Simon return to discus their favourite thing, TECH

Neil has a new phone, the Mate 9

Rumours of a classic returning the Nokia 3310

Oh look, they’re talking phones again. Phone discussion

A general tech catch up, it’s been a while

Mac book pro

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo mobile games

TF2 bug

Counter Strike (all the modern games)

Apple Airpods

Android Wear 2.0

Early adopters

Downloading the latest and greatest

Bring back the wooley Mammoth

Skywalker Gibbon


Physical phone buttons bring them back!!!!!

Sharing is hard in current UI’s

Tech Enthusicast Episode 018

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On this weeks Tech Enthusicast

Tesla model 3

Model S GT league

Self driving racing cars

Space X landing on barge

Self driving everything

Xbox’s are now dev kits

Facebook images for the blind

Image recognition

Twitter manual alt tags

Twitter NFL How does that work

Amazon Echo strength to strength

On Hub


P9 mobile phone + and all the other Android phones

General phone chatter

hiking poles going above and beyond

Android pay coming to the UK

Tech Enthusicast Episode 017

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Sony Concept N headphones directional headphones
machine learning
Pi Day
Raspberry Pi hard drive
Xbox cross platform play
Microsoft apps across devices
rooting for Microsoft
Diablo II patch
Retro gaming
Gaming communities
calico chameleon
LG smartphone with DAB
ant size micro robots pull a vehicle
Ghostbusters trap
update on audio recorders and mortuary technicians
Titanium everything
Rookie battery error

Tech Enthusicast Episode 016

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We are back with a new Tech Enthusicast. Simon and I discuss

new phones, do we care
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
28 seconds
harmony 350
Simon is an audiophile
Buying Records
Long Play and short play on casettes
digital audio recorders
spy equiptment
Raspberry Pi 3
Internet oF Things
iPad pro
Pebble Fail
Apple Watch
Wireless charging
Burger Update!!!!
Perfect Robot
ibm nicole link

Tech Enthusicast Episode 015

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Kickstarter failures
Czur book scanner
Body fat analyser
Google streaming apps to android
Reliance on data
5G and connectivity
Walmart smart phone for under $10
Pros and cons of iOS and Android
YouTube kids channel
Xiaomi fitness tracker for $15
Misfit bought by fossil
Tag heur dropped McLaren
Tag heur smart device
Best cheap fitness trackers
Misfit link
Misfit shine
Garmin vivofit
Old school watch stories
Minamlist wallet
Garmin wrist mounted GPS
Apple Watch

Tech Enthusicast Episode 014

Better late than never.

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