Tech Enthusicast Episode 013

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Tech Enthusicast debut’s it’s spooky Halloween Intro music

The freedom pop sim card in Simon’s new Nexus 6P

6P thoughts

Fingerprint scanner comparison with Iphone 6S Plus

Android Accessibility

One Plus X announcement

Ceramic phones?!?

Science!!!! Whats more conductive, metal or ceramic????

Memory lane Dumb Phones

Nokia NGAGE the huge phone, small by today’s standards

texting on old phones, t9 predictive

Side Talking!!!!!

Bottom Listening???? Not as catchy

NGAGE games guessing

Sega used to make consoles what what???!?!?!?

Facebook Assisstant, M

Facebook Here

Facebook login, how much does Facebook know about you?

Workflow for iOS

Candy Crush invite notifications

Facebook phone, remember that?

Myspace transition to Facebook

Facebook targeted advertising

Dumb tech story of the week: Drone shootings legitimised

Simon’s favourite tech story of the week: Apple TV release

New Intro/ Outro music

Have a happy halloween, enjoy our side talking and bottom listening pics

Neil Side Talking

Neil Side Talking

Neil Bottom Listening

Neil Bottom Listening

Simon Side Talking

Simon Side Talking

Simon Bottom Listening

Simon Bottom Listening

Simon Dual Bottom Listening

Simon Dual Bottom Listening

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