Tech Enthusicast Episode 012

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In this weeks episode Simon and Neil talk,
Nexus 5X and 6P mobile phones,
Simon’s folly with pre orders,
Price disparity on the Nexus phones in UK,
Neil’s first impressions of the OnePlus 2,
Uses for NFC,
iPhone 6s sales numbers,
Tesla X and Elon Musk’s lack of range anxiety,
Autonomous cars,
political hurdles to autonomous cars,
POLITICS (shouldn’t talk about it),
High speed transport,
Concord coming back for the riches,
Thunderbirds are GO,
Bad maths and time zones,
Free Netflix on Virgin America,
Wifi assist on by default?!?
Amazon Fire 7″ tablet arrived,
Micro pigs,
multiple Bubbles and,
Amazon to start blocking sales of Apple TV and Chromecast.

Apologies for Neil being so quiet he’s coming down with man flu

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