Tech Enthusicast Episode 005

In this episode Simon and Neil talk about The windows start menu, Epsom’s new printing systems, Oneplus’s dubious marketing strategy, the Lexus hover board and lots more.

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  1. I like the idea behind your podcast, would be awesome to make it a bit more structured, to actual have visual so maybe both of you guys on webcam and a guest every few weeks, you could send the guest the articles you are going to talk about so they can converse on each segment, also you could run competitions to give away small prizes to drum up interest in the brand.
    I watch a heap of this kind of content and would love to actually get involved in a podcast in some way or another.
    I also have a gaming channel and i build pc’s for fun and have been doing for quite a few years, I follow the latest technology in terms of music production and pc gaming so think I could bring something to the table.
    Also I produce music so i could provide stuff fr background royalty free.


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